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The apartments


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Want to let your house as a holiday home?

Let your home simply and safely with SEAFRONT. Complete the following form and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

This guarantee against fraud offered by the prestigious company Idealista is a traveller’s biggest safeguard when booking accommodation. It means that the owner does not receive payment for the booking until the guest has been in the accommodation for 48 hours. This is the best protection against fraud, since it eliminates the risk of booking fraudulent accommodation.

Payment guarantee: SEAFRONT provides a framework of reliability for travellers and accommodation, as all monies due are guaranteed by its payment gateway and anti-fraud policy, which are backed by IDEALISTA.

Cancellations up to five days in advance without penalty: SEAFRONT allows its guests to cancel their booking up to five days before the date of entry without any cancellation fees or penalties until 31 March 2022. For bookings made after that, please call us or check by simulating the booking process.

Simple deposit: SEAFRONT does not charge a deposit. As with a hotel, it puts a block on your card for the amount of the deposit on the day of entry until four days after your departure. If there is any damage that requires us to use this deposit, we will contact you to assess the damage.

When making the booking, you must list all guests, including adults, children and babies. It is important for us to have advance notice of who will be staying and the ages of the occupants.

In addition, an identification form for all occupants over the age of 14 will be sent. If the information provided does not match the occupants who end up checking in, SEAFRONT will be forced to refuse admission due to noncompliance with the registration process required by law, and the corresponding cancellation policy will be applied.

The maximum number of people who can occupy the two-bedroom apartment is six. In the event that this number is exceeded, even if it is not for overnight stays, advance authorisation must be requested from Seafront.

Seafront is a family setting for people over the age of 30. Those under the age of 30 must be accompanied by their parents. Seafront reserves the right to refuse admission and parties are prohibited. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Perhaps you called us outside of our business hours and you haven’t been able to speak to one of our agents. Please try again or, if your query is urgent, leave us a message with your booking number and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember that you can also send us queries by WhatsApp or by emailing